At Inside travel we measure our success on the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

We believe business should be a force for good. Good for the people who travel with us, for the communities they visit and the communities we live and work in. But we’re under no illusions. Tourism accounts for around 8% of global carbon emissions – there is no such thing as guilt-free travel. 

Even so, if the travel experiences we have loved and shared with tens of thousands of people are going to be available for future generations, then change is needed. That’s why we’ve become B Corp certified, after a multi-year process, a certification that marks the beginning of a journey rather than an end. We’ve put in place firm commitments that address not only the impacts our business has on the environment but the ways we can maximise the positive impacts travel can have on communities, wildlife and conservation efforts. 

While we’ve made a good start, we’re fully aware that we can’t tackle the climate crisis alone. That’s why we’ve partnered with like-minded organisations in the travel industry to drastically reduce emissions and come up with solutions. We declared a climate emergency in December 2020, joining a growing collective of organisations in the travel industry, and contributing to Climate Action Plan blueprints for the rest of the travel industry to use to tackle their carbon emissions. 

We know that actions speak louder than words. While we’re committed to maintaining and improving our B Corp certification, we’re also:  

Botum Sakor National Park Wildlife hikes kayaking

Taking Climate Action

We’re committed to reducing our impact on the planet and working towards a sustainable future. We’re taking ownership of our carbon footprint and are on a mission to reduce it each year. 

We’ve measured every part of our carbon emissions as a company (including our customers’ trips). We have a plan to reduce them by 50% by 2030. 

Each year, we will make changes to how we work and who we work with in order to lower our emissions in line with global targets. 

In the meantime, as a certified CarbonNeutral® company, all our trips are fully offset thanks to verified sustainable development projects across Asia – like the award-winning biogas project in rural Vietnam and renewable wind power in India. 

Championing Responsible Tourism

We work directly with hundreds of small, locally run accommodations and knowledgeable local people. 

We help to extend the reach of vital tourist dollars sustainably, through community-based tourism programs that see the money (and you) stepping off the common paths. 

We help our clients reduce their plastic use while travelling. 

We prioritise working with suppliers who have the same ethos as us, and we try to affect positive change through engagement with all our suppliers, wherever they are on their sustainability journey

We have a strong animal welfare policy – so our travellers can see well-protected animals in their natural environment, we only work with those who put animal conservation front and center. 

We support NGOs that improve health and education schemes in our destination countries, such as Child’s Dream. 

Responsible Tourism Policy

Proboscus monkey Danum valley Borneo
Some of our team and clients planting rice during a visit to Japan

Giving back to our communities

5% of our profits go to charities that give low-income or disadvantaged families days away from home. 

We pay our staff a living wage and provide them with opportunities to thrive. 

Through volunteering and fundraising events, our whole team get involved with local charities 

We endeavour to influence the wider travel industry by being an active member of AITO and ABTA sustainability networks. 

We do not have all the answers but we’re working towards some big, important goals. That means a lot of listening and learning, so if you have any thoughts about our sustainability journey, we’d love to hear from you. 

Read our full Impact Report for 2022 here, including our approach for 2023.

To see our full Sustainability Policy, click here.

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